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Empowering Women

The thing that is really hard, and really amazing, is giving up on being perfect and beginning the work of becoming yourself.   Anna Quindlen


In our competitive society, women are assaulted on so many fronts by their supposed inadequacies. The self-help industry is based on the cultural assumption that we are never good enough – we need to be younger, prettier, smarter, slimmer, richer, happier and healthier; we need to be well above average to feel worthy. If we strive towards perfection, we risk the pendulum swinging from inflation to feelings of shame and inadequacy.

Many women have relied on traditionally masculine strategies to succeed. While the patriarchal system that has dominated our culture is gradually shifting, I believe the glass ceiling is not always just on the outside but also within us. Our unconscious bias and belief systems can constrain us and thwart our potential.


Research shows that the nurturing qualities of self-acceptance and self-compassion allow us to flourish, achieve emotional well-being and value ourselves in a deep way. They can help us acknowledge that vulnerability is part of our shared human condition, and can also provide the clarity to identify what it is we really want.

I am interested in helping women find ways of accessing both their strength and their sensitivity.


‘I had always relied on my intellect to get me through, to make sense of my life experiences and to solve everything in my head. Through working with Kate I felt safe enough for the first time to really notice what was going on in my body and how I was actually feeling underneath my thoughts. It feels like I’m finally waking up, not getting so caught up in my negative thinking and being much kinder and gentler to myself in the process.’
Martha, Lawyer

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