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Most of us live on autopilot most of the time. Our lives are run by the parts of our personality that have become dominant in us. These parts developed in our childhood to protect us and help us survive but the way they function within us may no longer be serving us. They can show up as habitual patterns and reactions, rules and judgments and confused feelings which cause us pain and stop us living our lives fully.

These are some of the ideas explored in Voice Dialogue, which was co-created by ground-breaking psychologists Drs Hal & Sidra Stone, based on 45 years of study, clinical experience and mapping of the human psyche.

They believe that each part of our psyche has a function, and if we want to release old patterns and access new ways of behaving and relating, then we need to develop greater awareness of how they operate within us.

Some parts we know about and identify with while others are hidden in the unconscious. If they remain unconscious, they can run our lives, control our behaviour, and keep us from realising our full potential.

I have been working with Voice Dialogue since 2012 and find it a transformational tool, allowing me to hone in on a specific area of the psyche for exploration, understanding and healing.


  • Gain a deeper insight into your behaviour, feelings and life choices as you become aware of and listen to the different parts of you, and how they influence you.
  • Start to realise which parts are running your life – including your relationships, career choices and goals – and which parts are neglected.
  • Develop the ability to make increasingly conscious choices, rather than acting or reacting from habit.
  • Find a more balanced sense of who you are ­­­­­– this process helps you embrace often very opposite parts of your psyche.

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