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Acting can be an unpredictable profession where rejection and lack of continuity predominate. It can be hard to maintain a strong, resilient sense of self and a stable self-confidence, particularly during periods of unemployment. Lasting creative fulfilment means taking care of emotional wellbeing and developing the internal resources and tools to effectively respond to inevitable adversities.

An actor is often required to access a depth and range of emotions, and to draw on both vulnerability and power while maintaining equilibrium and identity. Drawing on creative imagination, an ability to play, to use the voice, the heart, the mind and the body with freedom and without fear can make us feel more alive and fulfilled. However, it is not always easy to sustain our creativity in the midst of the pressures of daily life.


I trained at LAMDA from 1982-5, and worked professionally as an actor in theatre, television and film for ten years, so I have first-hand experience of its particular challenges and rewards.

Over the years I have chosen a method called Voice Dialogue as the cornerstone of my counselling and coaching practice with actors who have an intuitive grasp of this therapeutic approach.


Voice Dialogue is founded on the premise that our personalities are made up of many parts. Some of these aspects of the personality we know about and others are hidden in the unconscious. If they remain unconscious, they can run our lives, control our behaviour, and keep us from realising our full potential.

Voice Dialogue is a method that can enable us to contact and work directly with these different parts and allows us to hone in on a specific area of the psyche for exploration, understanding and healing.


This liberating process can enable you to step out of limiting beliefs and deep-rooted patterns of insecurity. It can help you gain a deeper insight into your behaviour, feelings and choices and clear the emotional blocks that may be hindering your success and wellbeing.

Together we can explore:

  • Stress management
  • Self-care
  • Audition/performance anxiety/stage fright
  • Panic attacks
  • Coping with unemployment
  • Blocked creativity
  • Lack of confidence
  • Feelings of disempowerment

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‘I came to see Kate because she had been highly recommended – at the time I felt completely stuck and at the mercy of a very harsh, judgmental side of myself which was sabotaging my career. Through Voice Dialogue I worked with my Inner Critic and now have a real insight into what was really going on during these ‘critic’ attacks. They still happen now if I’m particularly stressed but the way I relate to them is completely different and I don’t feel at their mercy in the way I used to. I feel much less constrained creatively so thank you Kate!’
Jess, Actor/Writer

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